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​NuooEasy Fundraising Event


​挪窝 x 国际小母牛组织:羊驼的馈赠

NuooEasy x Heifer: Gift of an Alpaca

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María Humbelina Miñarcaja Paucar cheerfully holds a baby alpaca. María is part of a Heifer project that helps families build bigger, healthier alpaca herds and sell products from their wool. Make a difference for another family like hers.

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Average Cost of an Alpaca

Alpacas help families feed themselves ! 

NuooEasy is hosting this year-long fundraising event with Heifer to help struggling families in South America. For every service you purchase with NuooEasy, you will be donating one dollar to help us purchase an Alpaca, and Heifer will donate the Alpaca to the families in need. (An Alpaca cost $150) Heifer provides alpacas to families living in high altitudes in the Andes Mountains of South America. Few other animals can withstand the harsh conditions. The gift of an alpaca means a child will finally get a chance at an education, thanks to the money earned from selling the wool. Donating an alpaca also means a family will have an opportunity to provide and care for themselves — one step closer to lifting themselves out of poverty. 

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